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Bangladesh: Mahasthangarh - oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh Mahasthangarh - oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh - Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh - oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh

  Mahasthangarh - oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh, up to now the most well-known archaeological site associated with Bangladesh, sits around the developed traditional bank associated with water Karatowa, with regards to 12 km northern associated with Bogra town, and is also attached by way of beneficial metaled road. The web page includes partly Shibganj as well as partly Bogra sadar upazilas associated with Bogra center.

Inside the Mahasthangarh, Karatoya would be the key water of which travels near the far eastern perimeter as well as flows towards southerly. 3 tiny waters (ichamati, bangali as well as nagar) are about the Mahasthangarh. Far east with the Mahasthangarh, the Bangali as well as Ichamati waters movement southeast. The particular Nagar in the western world flows free airline. Several swampy locations, locally called bees, may also be located throughout the place.

The particular Mahasthangarh associated with Bogra center may be quickly subdivided into a couple landform devices: (1) Barind ter as well as (2) Karatoya-Bangali meander floodplain.

Barind ter located western world with the Karatowa water. That system signifies a few uplifted hindrances associated with Madhupur Clay, thought to be similar throughout grow older towards the Pleistocene. The greater part with the Barind Pathway can be undissected and has badly exhausted greyish soils overlying clay-based with a trivial level. Only a few modest waters mix that nearly degree place. A couple of sub-units with the Barind Tracts tend to be: (i) Virtually degree Barind Pathway, as well as (ii) Wide-ranging dissected Barind Pathway.

The particular virtually degree Barind Pathway uses up the developed portion of Bogra center as well as comprises a minimal, virtually degree, uplifted ter. Problem scarps draw the edges with the outcrop. The particular Karatowa plus the minor jamuna programmes run on the foot or so of such scarps. The kind Barind area includes greyish, variably mottled, less permeable soils overlying the little weathered Madhupur Clay with a trivial level.

The particular vast dissected Barind Pathway can be reasonably more than the others with the area as well as arises generally inside the far eastern as well as northeastern the main Barind Pathway. The area has been uplifted, tilted as well as largely dissected simply by valleys, most of which can be streamless. It can be reasonably significantly weathered, and has nicely in order to reasonably nicely exhausted reddish as well as brown leafy soils.

Karatowa-Bangali meander floodplain any sophisticated landscaping comprising sediments associated with diverse age range as well as beginning. Sediments via both the waters apparently get in part hidden an old landscaping, which extensive around the lower Tista floodplain. The greater part in this floodplain comprises vast ridges as well as basins. Silts predominate around the ridges as well as clays inside the basins. Sands take place just patchily about ridges as well as combined water programmes.

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