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Winter Wonderland


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By Engr. Salahuddin Ahmed (Blogger and Engineer,Bangladesh) 

Dhaka, Nov 5 (Bangladesh Tourism News)—Winter is just knocking at your door step. I am sure every one suffering small cold allergy due to winter rain. Good news is that rain will stop soon. It has been created due to sea-depression and it is nearly over from Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. What will be next? Can you guess?.

It is winter just approaching to our busy life. I hope you should buy all winter clothes for you and your family to keep life smooth as easy. Oh! Do not forget to buy a heater earlier; to avoid high price during too cold days. Many people guess that this year cold will be too much. I am not believing their guess.

Winter Wonderland in Bangladesh is really an exciting one. Why is it exciting one? Yes, you will get fresh date juice from the date-trees. This juice is fresh and pure. In addition,the juice is very tasty to keep your mind more relaxed.Obviously, the date juice is not available all seasons and it is really a good natural taste that you will never forget.

In this winter, you can do many things such as picnic into Bangladeshi village.Although, it is really boring to get up early in the morning; in this cold days. However, you can explore many thing into villages if you are not lazy. You could find Bangladeshi style Sweet Cake, which is commonly know as "Pitha". These cakes or pithas are of many types. Some use date juice, crystal date juice, sugar, flour, grind-ed rice and so on. To make pithas, there are many way of cooking and baking. Some pithas need to boil or fry also. This is not an end, some pithas are sweet or sour or hot in taste. This is really a Winter Wondering in Bangladesh.

I will contribute more about "pithas" and its recipe soon.

Happy Winter Wonderland.

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