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Bangladesh: Rickshaw Capital of the World/পৃথিবীর রিক্সা রাজধানী Rickshaw Capital of the World/পৃথিবীর রিক্সা রাজধানী - Bangladesh

Rickshaw Capital of the World/পৃথিবীর রিক্সা রাজধানী


In Bengali,(রিকশা) which is pronounced as (Riksha)

Rickshaw: World Largest Non-Motor and Environmental Friendly Tourist Vehicles.

Rickshaw is a non-motor vehicle that has three wheels with folding hood. This vehicle has no fuel system but it can move by human-powered. The vehicle is full of mechanical system so that human can easily control over it. The maintenance cost is too low so the transport cost is also low. This vehicle do not depend on oil price but it only depend on human food price as I told about human-powered. Tourists are really enjoy to ride this vehicle as the vehicle is suitable for all road condition except high-way express roads. The vehicle take very low space for parking. In addition, Rickshaw has no disadvantages.

Powered-Rickshaw is another new vehicle that has launched recently that generate all human-powered energy into Battery as a result Rickshaw can move with the help of stored-energy mechanical power. This Rickshaw has huge advantage as it is much faster than traditional Rickshaw and it is environmental friendly.

Solar-Powered Rickshaw is another development that is under research.

Tourism Industry had introduced by Mugal style horse cart in the past and later, local intelligent vehicle, Rickshaws. Dhaka is called as "Rickshaw Capital of the World" because millions of the Rickshaw is running on the road. Without Rickshaw, Dhaka has no tourist life.

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