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Traveling in Bangladesh with kids

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Kids love travel. The reason is that they want to explore the new culture and life. As the world is growing into multi-culture society, kids are now much influenced to get more about outside world beauty. So, if you will say to your kids that "we are going to Tiger Country" then they will start to roar like tiger. However, some might easily believe that Tiger Country have no human and thus they will scare for not to explore. I am kidding!

Subsequently, if you carry your lovely kids with you while travelling from your country to another then your kids will be benefited because this would surely open their eyes to a lot more new discovery and knowledge. When you bring along your children in your tour, this is not only a way of bringing close to your heart but also through this, your kid would really make them more aware about the world around them.
However, kids must be take care while journey from one country to another. I am only focusing about my country, Bangladesh but anywhere in the world. OK, when children are with you, you need to be more prepared because as we all know that they have special needs and all parents have to respond to such needs. With the guide provided below, it will surely help you get yourself prepare for the whole journey.
When your travel and after reach the destination, you have to carry the below most useful things such as:

1. Antiseptic Hand Gel

2. Tissue Packs

3. Diapers

4. Sun screen cream

5.Ample amount of water bottle

6.Dry Fruits and food

7. Nearest Pharmacy address with 24 hours support hospitals phone numbers. 

8. A small plug-in and charge type torch light

9. Any other necessary items including medics with prescriptions.

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To make your kids boring less, you can bring the following things to keep them entertainments all the time:

1. Color Pencils with drawing copy


3. Small Video games or PSP

4. Playing Cards

5. Funny dolls

There are also other items that you must bring while coming to any foreign lands such as

1.  Umbrellas and Rain coats

2. Hats

3. Sun Glasses

4.Copy of self guide books

5.GPS related Mobile phones such as Android

6. Camera with extra memories.

8.Mobile SIM card just after reaching a foreign land or bring abroad access SIM.

9.  All travel related documents in a bag pack and keep them in a safe locker.

10. Make sheets for all your travel children and wives to carry local Embassy numbers, your numbers into every one pockets or wallets: this step must take if any one loss in a crowd.

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If you follow your all the above safety guide line, your kids and you will never miss the thrill and fun over the new countries entertainments.  So, if you come to Bangladesh with this preparation, you will feel safe with your kids. Welcome to Explore the green natural beauty Bangladesh, your home into cottages not at concrete any more to get relax your holidays.

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