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Dhaka is one of the best over populated modern city in the world. Its population has ranked 8th in the world. However, population help the country economy to grow more stronger and healthier. Recently, Dhaka has changed its image as new roads, foot path and over bridge are constructing on every year. If you look at Dhaka from an Aero-plane, you will the concrete all around the city. At night, Dhaka is glittering like gold with full of neon and energy saving light. The city is best decorated and planned than any city in South East Asia.
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Subsequently, Dhaka is now growing more bigger than ever. New housing companies are making new apartments and commercial spaces. This is not an end, all international offices and institutions are situated into posh area into central Dhaka. It has more than three high way roads connection to other  districts in Bangladesh.  

Tourism sectors in Bangladesh is one of the foreign currency income sources. There are many state own private big companies in Bangladesh. Due to over population, the country has many top class people who are now making and running many resorts over the country. They keep their main office into the capital city.

Transport facilities in Dhaka is excellent. Tourists are getting lots of options such as Taxi Cab, Rent-a-cars, Risk Shaw, CNG Cab and tourists buses, There are many places you can see into the Dhaka city such as shopping malls, markets, entertainment parks, museum and so on.

Dhaka is very safe compare to any city in Dhaka. The reason is that security system is fully automated. This is why, the tourists can enjoy their please journey at any time. There is no need to think that when to visit Dhaka as the city is ready for 12 months in the year.

The city has many hotels. All hotels are situated at the heart of the city. Most hotels sever European and Chinese food. However, you can also get Italian, Japanese and Mexican food in the posh tourism places. You can also find major worldwide Embassies into the posh areas.

Air route for Dhaka is excellent. You can check the flight status from online. Dhaka is connected from China, Middle East and Europe with Daily flights. Its main connectivity flight with Himalaya country Nepal and Bhutan. So, it is one of the best transit destination for tourists. Apart from that Dhaka is connected with six district terminals. Many private and state own Airlines operate from Dhaka.

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