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Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. The city is busy for business and public life. It is not an end, Dhaka is the most important in South East Asia because the city has been planned since 400 years back and now at any how it is the perfect city with sky scraper high rise buildings. The most important is that the world popular and biggest business office are now into the city. This is really a great achievements. Now, let me tell about Why is Dhaka popular for tourists? There are lots of celebration holidays that you will never find in any capital city in the world. In addition, Dhaka has many historical places which stands from 400 years back. This capital city, Dhaka, has formed by Mu-gal Emperor. At that time, it was named as "Jahangir" from the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Now after British Colonies, it was named "Dacca" and finally "Dhaka".
Mu-gal developed this city much faster during their regime and the British regime shifted the Dhaka university to this capital city. After British, India and lastly, Pakistan kicked out, then new country formed named as "Bangladesh". This is the world 8th largest populated city. Dhaka has lots of history that is really unlimited to published. I believe that due to lack of real Bangladeshi history concentration most of the tourism information are absent. I have hope to continue my work for my country. Yes, I am not professional about my country or anything but I will try to extract all the interesting information for the tourists from various sources.

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