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Mango Flavor Tourism (Stormy Bangladesh!)

Tourism is not only for roaming around. The reason is that earth is endless. You get every new place a unique thing that you could not recognized before. Now, come to our new world “A place to learn new flavor of fruits” that never before welcome to you.

Mango is a fruit that grows many places in the world. It has sweet tastes with various yellow mix orange colors with different size and shape. I have told everything. However, where storm comes and if you are lucky to visit any mangoes garden then I have no say that what secret will you do? You will simply bath with rain water with local people and collect mangoes. When you collect a mango on live rainy day and taste will be really fantastic that will be memorable tour to Mangoes Land.

Bangladesh has various mango trees that grow at northern Bangladesh. It is the place for fruit, vegetable and rice cultivation around the whole year. So, the place is famous for its rich cultivation and service to the fruit lover.

This is completely new idea to expand tourism service from my own as I have seen many oranges at Nepali villages and how tourists enjoy those local fruits? Hope to share this new concept to any where in the world. Life has limit but your eye is endless to discover new world all the time.

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