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Bangladesh: Beautiful Bangladesh - a School of learning Nature Beautiful Bangladesh - a School of learning Nature - Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh - a School of learning Nature

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Bangladesh is a country where you can find the natural beauty. It is about 16 million people living together however natural beauty never vanishes. Thanks to Allah or God who made this land with flora and fauna. The country is divided into small or large rivers where you can get ample amount of fishes. So, now you can easily understand why am I saying beautiful Bangladesh?

Muslin Culture

Beautiful Bangladesh has launched when world cup 2011 opening into the capital city. It is one of the milestone of a country to start an event like work cup cricket where thousands of people came to watch the opening world cup 2011 ceremony in the city. Bangladesh is mainly famous for Muslin Culture that begins during Mogul Emperor. It is then transfer to Muslin Hospitality. Well, I am writing some new things that still history missing. This is because historian actually did not collect all staffs to know Mogul culture.

Shat Gomez  15th century Mosque – a great architectural Mosque in Asia

Mosque, a place to pray by Islamic follower that begins after Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) started the Islam religion. So, many saints came to this land for spreading Islam. This is why the Shat Gomez  
Mosque established during Akbar ruler and later it  becames a World Heritage Site in 1985 by UNESCO. So, thousands of foreigner visits this mosque to see the architectural designs which is still unique in the world. The mosque is built by High Temperature soil block and inside is decorated by marbles that imported and collected from best parts in the world.

Bangladesh – a truly mosque city

Bangladesh is also once known as “Mosque City” because if you visit the old city, you will be amazed to see the architectural design of mosques all around the city.  This not an end only to see the mosque but you will be exciting to take old time mouth watering style food which is really unforgettable. You will also get the famous Muslin made clothes into the old city all around. Life is really not forgettable.

Buddha – An Enlightened One!

Hey, there this is also not an end. Many other religion histories take place into this country with different community of people. Like Gautama Buddha also came in Chittagong region from many years back. So, it is also famous for Buddhist followers. There are some ruins still exist in different parts of the country.

Uniquely Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a place where people lives with peace minded life style. People are actually different from many parts in the work however it is changing on bad side also as other bad cultural people interact with honest people. Still, if you want peace then Bangladesh is the best place over except political violence.

Beautiful Bangladesh - a natural beautiful green country

The country has many beautiful places like longest beach, gardens, longest rivers, biggest lakes, hills and so on. It is very lovely place to enjoy the natural beauties. You can get fresh fruits that may not be available in many parts of the world. Due to mixed of water like natural and salty water so most fruits have great taste? You can enjoy your holidays with great pleasure.

What else do you need really where you get the touch of natural beauty?

Get the real Muslin Hospitality. Welcome to Bangladesh! A city of Mosque!

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