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Bangladesh: Pohela Boishakh - Bengali/Bangla New Year Pohela Boishakh - Bengali/Bangla New Year - Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh - Bengali/Bangla New Year

Pohela Boishakh - Bengali/Bangla New Year  
By salvi 

                                We are really happy to announce that Pohela Boishakh (Bengali/Bangla New Year)  in Bangladesh is approaching soon. This is really a great enjoyment moment for Bangladeshi. The reason is that that day people will start their morning to eat Bangladeshi cuisine such as Panta Ilish (commonly name in English is Hilsha)fried with traditional dishes such as dried fish (Shutki), Achars (Pickles), Dal (lentils), Alu Bhorta (Crushed Potatoes) mixed with local chiles and onions, extra onions,crushed white plain rice by soaking with pure water and so on as desire. Thanks to Fatehullah Shirazi who was scholar and astronomer, made this new year calendar from Mugal Time by the permission from Emperor Akbar. 

                               Although, it is not specific religion festivals so any people from different culture can enjoy and celebrate the Boishakhi. From, 1980, Bangladesh Institute of Fine Arts had started a new carnival march on different roads in this capital city. If you watch the celebration from your own eyes or from TV, you will really enjoy the celebration.It looks like Bangladeshi get together. However,it also like two Eid festivals. Males are usually wear Pajama and Punjabi or Fotua and females wear saris, kurta(tunic),Bengali churis or silver made hand band,etc. Although, the dress in modern days are up to people for their own enjoyment. Now, let us come about Boishakhi Fairs are celebrated in many places in Bangladesh. This fair is truly the best if you can spend lots of money to buy cheap products from locals and also can enjoy mouth watering traditional made food. There are mots of items can be purchased such as traditional handicrafts,local agriculture products, soil made show piece, cosmetics, toys and so on. You can also find the local made dry food with various color and different taste. In addition, you can find local stores in the fair where people make pickles from different raw fruits and chiles. You can find mango pickles with different taste. This is not an end you can find mixed fruit pickles, onion pickles, hot and sour pickles, green chile pickles and so on. This pickles are very tasty if you take with local made food.There are also many cultural events take place like cycling, racing with horse,etc. However, in Dhaka, people celebrate kite flying with different color and shapes. 

                               Pohela Boishakh celebration is not only in Bangladesh but it celebrates in many countries in Asia. However, Bangladesh Boishakhi carnival celebrate in Australia, Sweden and UK. However, in UK, Boishakhi celebration takes place on street as Boishakhi Carnival which is the largest Asian celebration in Europe. On the other hand, Bangladeshi community in Sweden celebrate this festival with full of enjoyment. They bring out this carnival road march and move to different street. Obviously, in Australia, the Boshakhi celebrate in many cities including Melbourne,Sydney, Canberra etc. Although, at Sydney there is a Olympic Park where the Boshakhi fair takes place where Bangladeshi sell Bangladeshi food to local Australian people to exchange culture. At the end, Pohela Boishakhi takes place in various Arab countries through fair and food celebration.

                                All in all, the Pohela Boishakhi celebration is for all community and there are no budget need to spend for this celebration. This celebration takes place every year. 

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