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Bangladesh: Riding boat through forest, valley and mountains Riding boat through forest, valley and mountains - Bangladesh

Riding boat through forest, valley and mountains

Rangamati, a quiet and calm tourism spots in Bangladesh. This is not for deep forest trekking but boat riding through deep forest. The whole place is surrounded by green mountains. You will hardly see very less people to live there because the place is very remote with no mobile connection or anything. You will feel that you have come some new place for adventure from the world. There is a largest lake in Bangladesh that flows through the valley and the deep forest. From the Rangamati motel, you can take a boat to discover the lake for $40 (approximate). After you reach at deep forest, you could see that you have been lost from the world. You can only see the birds, animals etc. Even, you may scare to see the crocodiles are moving around the boat. Scare! This is not an end you may feel difficult to take breath to see the beautiful and scare places in Rangamai lake. This will be your most amazing tour in Asia.

How to reach at Rangamati Motel?

You can book local airline to Chittagong city and from that city, you can reach Rangamati Motel by bus. There are lots of promotional activities going like "Summer Tour", "Winter Discover", "Rainy Low Cost" from various tour operators. 

You can also go directly by bus or rent-a-car. I recommended you to book a “Rangamati Tour” from a travel agency that will be much cheaper and tension less. You will also get a guide to explore the beauty of lake.

For locals, you can take a bus to Chittagong and then, move to Rangamati by local bus. You must care your journey because the whole roads are zigzag with up and down. 

Please take your necessary items like medicine, clothes, dry food, water etc. 

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