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Introducing Summary about “Sunder Ban”

Sunder Ban is the largest mangrove forests in the world. The forest is covered by soft muddy soil with green trees. This is not an end, there are many branch of rivers flowing through the forests. Some species are living into the branch of rivers and some are living on the dry forests. The forest is called as “mangrove forest” because huge rain falls around the forest every year. The main transport to cross the rivers through the forest is by boat. Then by foot, any one can explore the deep forest where is the home of 400 tigers. In addition, there are about thousands of unknown or known species. Gold Deer is the best animal to see around the forest. Then, there are many different types of reptiles, carnivores, herbivores and birds from all over the world including cold countries.

How to go to Sunder Ban?

To go to Sunder Ban, you must take a tour package from any agency. The reason is that it saves time and money. There are various packages from travel agency and hotels. You can select any desire package according to your budget. However, I recommend you to take your belongings carefully because of snatchers which are common in any Asian countries. You also must take dry food, ample amount of water bottle and all necessary items.

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