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Great News to visitors

We have decided that our site will not always published tourism information but we will published most amazing ideas and information to know Bangladesh deeper than ever before. The site is non-profitable till now because we think to develop a site that increase much popular to world wide visitors. So, we did not work to earn money. However, to maintain a site, time must be spend and thus, we have decided that we are adding affiliation links to support our hard work.

Another question will arise that why we are slow to make a change. In the world, there are billion sites and most sites have no real and genuine traffic because they are for business. We first think quality and then, traffic. However, it is now more interesting is that out site are getting all natural traffics and we will also do our-self SEO to increase more visibility to search engine. Please keep one thing in mind that you are visiting my site not to browse but to enjoy and share to anyone in the world.

I am happy that I already success to work for SEO work on two sites. Those have got natural traffic and improve their search engine visibility. So, after successful for their sites. I say "Good luck". Now, let us come to tell you my next "Tough" mission. My mission is to improve my site on search engine. This is urgent necessary as my site has not get traffic that I dreamed one day. The keywords that the keywords I wanted to improve is already working by other tough SEOs for thousands sites. I am not scare of any of them as I am already did good work for my clients.

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