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Bangladesh: Places: Lama, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar, Ramu and Alikadam. Places: Lama, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar, Ramu and Alikadam. - Bangladesh

Places: Lama, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar, Ramu and Alikadam.

Lama, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar, Ramu and Alikadam 


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Let me proceed to first trip, it was a morning. We just finish our breakfast at 6:00 A.M. and take a micro-bus to move to Lama through Ukhiya. Cox’s Bazaar is not the busiest city like Dhaka nor is it densely populated region. Thus, the air is very fresh and humidity is also less. It was my very excitement journey in my life. Our driver is also our guide because he knows many things in those remote areas. As soon as we reach Ukhiya, our micro turns to left and moves towards Ramu area. It was fantastic area with full of green hills. Our micro bus goes up and down. The area was very quiet and calm. We have seen many tribal people. Some looks Chinese and others like Bangladeshi. These regions are very remote and many culture people live there. They have also many religions with different cultures. I was really confuse that where am I? The reason is that people were no look same to our common people because I have seen Chinese-black people moves here and there. As we further moves and I have seen lots of tall trees on two sides of the roads. I recognized that we were passing small hilly forests.
It was amazing tour. As we go further, we were stopped in a check post where security commander ask that where we are going? As soon as, my driver told that we are going to visit Ramu and its adjacent region for visiting purpose, they clear our way. They just kept a note that how many people are in micro-bus and its number because we were moving into hilly regions and remote areas where there are no mobile connection until you got a satellite phone. The region is very secure but due to densely forests and hilly region, we must be more careful. I heard there many jungle man still lives there and they hate civilized people till now. Thanks to our government, they have made a nice road over hilly forests.

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