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Bangladesh: Most Amazing Tourist Spot in Bangladesh: Where beauty can never vanish! Most Amazing Tourist Spot in Bangladesh: Where beauty can never vanish! - Bangladesh

Most Amazing Tourist Spot in Bangladesh: Where beauty can never vanish!

 Discover Nil Giri Green Hills
View from Nilgiri, Bandarban

You wake up early in the morning and watch the green hills from your hotel balcony then your mind will clear from everything. You will be feeling weightless as soon as your eyes approach to wonderful green hills. This is the real relaxation place after hard work and your mind will bear in a new way. The place name is Nil Giri, one of the top green hills in Bangladesh. It is the beautiful green hills with flora and fauna every where your eyes go.

Yes, I am writing about the Nil Giri Resort Center and its adjacent region. This resort is situated on the hilly region. It is located in Chimbuk range which is 2400 feet from the Cox’s Bazaar Sea level. The resort is also located 47 Kilometers South-East from Bandarban town in Bangladesh.

In rainy season, the white clouds touch the hills and the sky becomes clear. The green hills become greener to make the place beyond your imagination or dream. The most interesting scenery is that the white clouds are playing with the waves of the winds and after some time, the clouds vanished. It is the most amazing natural scenery can rarely be seen any where in the world. Some times, the clouds enter through the resort windows. It is also usual that the resort is surrounded by cloud mists that make the beauty of this resort center.

From the beginning, we were at Nil Giri Resort. However, now we are at its surroundings. Most of the Nil Giri Mountains are 2400 to 2700 ft high from the sea-level. It is very marvelous to travel through meander route by the vicinity of the mountains. I personally recommend you to hire a car to roam around from one hill to others. While you are roaming around the hills, you can take millions of snap-shots as long as you can.


You can also explore the whole region on foot. Thus, you can trek on high green hills with a guide person. I personally recommend you hiking with a group because the hill is covered by deep green forests and no cell connection in this remote region. In addition, there are also jungle people who scare civilized people. This jungle people are hunting animals with bow and arrow. So, to have hiking and trekking, you must take permission with a local expert guide. In one sense, it is the most remote place you will be going to explore.

Yes, the beauty of Nil Giri Mountains and Hills are really ineffable more than you have seen in photos. The beauty of hills is high-class to make your photos top-class. If you take any test photo to check your camera then the photo will be out-class. I have observed the Bluish Mountains on far away from my position. I was rejuvenated to watch all live beautiful scenery from my own eyes.

This is really a safest and lucrative tourism destination in Bangladesh where beauty is truly endless. 

 Route: Chittagong/ Cox Bazaar to BandarBan then Nil Giri Hilly Region.

Transport: Very Limited due to remote region. So, Rent-a-car or local made vehicle is recommended.

 Permission: DC office for Foreigner and Local as per safety and no cellular coverage. 

Recommended: Self-Carrying items including  trekking bags and suits.

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