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Bangladesh: JAFLONG – A wonderful tourist spot in Bangladesh… JAFLONG – A wonderful tourist spot in Bangladesh… - Bangladesh

JAFLONG – A wonderful tourist spot in Bangladesh…

Jaflong - a hidden beautiful spot in Bangladesh.

Jaflong is one of the best tourism spots in Bangladesh. This spot is situated in Sylhet (one of the division headquarters in Bangladesh). The spot is situated between Bangladesh and Indian-remote hilly forests. The place is below the mountain range and so, it is popular for white stone collection that comes from the hilly river. Khasi is one of the tribal people in Bangladesh who live in Jaflong.

The place is 60Km far away from the town and as an assumption, it takes about 2 hours long drive. The white stones come from the Mari River in India. From this spot, you can go to Tamabil, Sripur and Jaintapur tourism spot in Sylhet.

There are also other attraction in that spot such as Green Forests Mountain View, Green Tea Garden, Khasia Rajbari ( a palace where King existed many years back), Dauki River and Bazar, Nut and betel leaf gardens, Piyain River and also colorful tribal life.

After you reach in Jaflong, you will get experience of vivid vista of nature. I personally recommend you to visit at Sunny day to get some new experience at tourism spot. It is really a novel sight for me because of the beautiful sight scene. I think you will start to take memorable photos continuously until any one can stop you due to its natural beauty. 

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Beauty Of Jaflong

Sripur, Tamabil and Jaintapur Micro-Articles

Sripur is only 1 hour from bus drive. It is a best picnic spot in Bangladesh. 
The place is well-known for water fall. You can visit a small Zoo center where you see different animals including deer. Here, there are many food shops where you can take a cup of local garden tea. It will be your pleasant and most memorable journey in life.  

Tamabil and Jaintapur are also famous tourism destination in Bangladesh.

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