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Bangladesh: Boeing 300th 777-300ER delivered to Biman. Boeing 300th 777-300ER delivered to Biman. - Bangladesh

Boeing 300th 777-300ER delivered to Biman.

 World 300th 777-300ER Boeing Delivered To Biman

Without aircraft, tourists will never interest to fly one destination to another. Yes, this is really a basic line for me. Now-a-days, tourists look good aircraft to make their journey more safer than before. Although, still scientists failed to make aircraft 99% safe because we are all learning.As far I know that 777-300ER is much safer with new advance technology which has added to keep journey into the air as smooth as possible.

Now, let me tell a good news. Bangladesh national flag carrier has received one new 777-300ER Boeing  which is the 300th aircraft from Boeing in this model. From a source, another aircraft is now going to deliver soon but the fleet is under through tests before commercial flight.In an online source, it has been noted that Boeing 777-300ER have changed 35% than from earlier 777 models.

This 777-300ER is safer in short-runways to take-off and landing.Biman has kept two-classes such as Economy and Business making about 419 seats (from an online source). Then, next two will be delivered by 2014. There are also 4 optional for Biman in the same model. In total, Boeing will be ready confirmed 10 fleets and 10 optional fleets in total 20 fleets by 2020 and late due to huge orders from many customers.All seats are equipped with touch screen monitors AVOD/PTV.

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