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Bangladesh: Sudar Ban - "the beautiful forest" : World Largest Mangrove Forest. Sudar Ban - "the beautiful forest" : World Largest Mangrove Forest. - Bangladesh

Sudar Ban - "the beautiful forest" : World Largest Mangrove Forest.

 New Review About Sundar Ban
 [ Part - 1 ]

                                     Sundar Ban is really an unknown name to most of the tourists in the world. The reason is that there are many things left to discover in this beautiful world where you can find mysterious and hidden wealth. Now, I would like to describe what Sundar Ban is ? It is the world largest mangrove forest in the world where 425 species of wild animals including Royal Bengal Tiger lives there and about 334 species of plants and tress can be find into the forests. People have conquered the world highest peak Mountain like Mt. Everest but Sundar Ban is still unconquered. It is a serene and pristine beauty for the country. Here, the the forests have been created by collection of innumerable islands, islets and shoals through which flow down to the Bay of Bengal countless rivers, rivulets and creeks, the sundarban has been veritable ecological wonder  that has always attracted and baffled all - from common people and nature lover to the scientists, botanists, zoologists,geologists; from adventures, livelihood-seekers to environmentalists and conservationists. It is really most rare place in the world where human and animals live together.
Honey collectors go to collect honey from the deep into the forests. They collect pure honey to sell to various shops.  This honey is very useful for medicine. The honey collector purifies the honey with all natural process. So, the honey is chemical free and thus good for health. The Sundar Ban has been declared as "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. This forest has enough flora and fauna to keep its natural ecosystem.

[to be continued at part 2]...

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