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Bangladesh: Dhaka is finally ready for opeing ceremony world cup 2011!!!! Dhaka is finally ready for opeing ceremony world cup 2011!!!! - Bangladesh

Dhaka is finally ready for opeing ceremony world cup 2011!!!!


Dhaka and Chittagong are ready for world cup celebration 2011. It is an extremely important events to Bangladesh to show its natural and artificial beauty to the world. 16 cores people are ready to celebrate. With no doubt, Bangladesh will be the top most southeast country to show their historical and most richest event after British colonial rules in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This will help country to change their life style faster than any country in Asia. Bangladesh has lots more important architectural design such as parliamentary house (best in the world), Historical Language and Independent movements, forts, world longest sea-beach, best airport in south-Asia and more than people think from abroad. Not only this, largest mangrove forests living endangered animals, birds, fishes etc. More than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers are present in this forest.

Tourism sector has improved a lot than ever before. I personally visited many tourist countries in the world. From that view, Bangladesh is faster improving tourists destination in the world. However, we are far behind about few developments like transport facilities, language problem, law and order etc. But I think fast development tourism sector in a country is not a problem like this as we have 16 cores brain to achieve it soon. 

Bangladesh is famous for natural beauty.

I have found some videos for upcoming celebration Largest in Asia in Bangladesh.

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