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Bangladesh: Winter in Bangladesh : Pitha Utshob and Date Juice! Truly Delicious in Bengal! Winter in Bangladesh : Pitha Utshob and Date Juice! Truly Delicious in Bengal! - Bangladesh

Winter in Bangladesh : Pitha Utshob and Date Juice! Truly Delicious in Bengal!

About Bangladesh, bangladesh tourism, Bangladeshi Knowledge, New Package From Emirates, Sundarban, travel bangladeshIn Bangladesh, winter is the best season to visit anywhere. The reason is that the weather is not cold like Europe. The sea and river remain cool and calm. The tourists can make adventure journey by small ships(launch) to sundarban (world largest mangrove forest). Another journey that they can make to visit cox's bazar (world longest beach). However, there are also many places to visit in Bangladesh that still waiting to publish in my site. What-so-ever, I will slowly increase my articles in well and rich form soon. I am also collecting information as much as I can.
Now let me say about winter in Bangladesh.Winter is sustained about four months such as November, December, January and February. These months country's lowest temperature is about 7'c and highest temperature is about 25'c. So, it is the perfect temperature for visitors to roam around. Bangladeshi people are now recently has changes their lifestyle as country's purchasing capacity has increased a lot. Just few years back, I have seen on my eyes that there were no visitors in beaches from locals but now the tourists spots are full of local visitors that is really a great news. Now, you will hardly get any hotel rooms to book. Even, number of foreigners from Arabian, America and Europe have increased a lot.

Date Palm juice is very popular in Bangladeshi villages.This is because the juice is very tasty with exotic fragrance than other fruit juice.

Woolen clothes are often famous in Bangladesh. Theses are truly cheap if you compare to any European countries. Bangladeshi clothes and dress are famous among European Countries in terms of design and excellent quality. So, if you are lucky to visit in Bangladesh then you should buy at least one.

You can view birds in Bangladesh from many spots at winter months. These birds come from Scandinavian countries.  

Pitha is one type of Bangladeshi local made cake produce by rich flour and wheat flour. Pitha has different shape, size and taste. There are various types of pitha such as vegetable pithas, sweet pithas, fried pithas, sour pithas, pati shapta pithas, chitoi pithas, Bhapa pithas, Teler Pithas and many more.

Pitha is also served with especial type of sweet sauce made by syrups such as date tree molasses. This sweet syrups are truly delicious with pithas. Sometimes, the five star hotels arrange this type of pithas' fair where you get different types of pithas.

I have also got mail from some tourists that they usually enjoyed date juice and pithas in different remote villages.Soon, I will write about "Pitha In Bangladesh".

N.B. Pithas = a type of cake in Bangladesh. This word may not find in Dictionaries. This is a Bengali/Bangla word.

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