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Holidays in Dhaka

The Dhaka roads are now empty. Yes, empty! No traffic jam, few people like original city. It is after Quarbani time.

All shopping malls are closed. Most of the temporary residences in Dhaka are now returned to their original home to celebrate the second most festival Eid-ul-azha.

Some temporary residences have leaved today’s morning. There are now serious transportation problem in this city.

This is because all types of taxis and rent-a-car moved towards outside Dhaka. This is a perfect time to roam around Dhaka city.

Many people are moving towards entertainment places after Quarbani. The whole kids’ parks are now full of enthusiasms.  

Life in Eid is totally different than other holidays. Muslim people are providing muslin class service to tourists. In ancient time, People, in Egypt and other Arab countries, had been giving service to tourists for long time to show their culture and historical places.

Now, the city is less populated. Many tourists also go to the beach city, Cox’s Bazaar and Safari Park. In Cox’s Bazaar, there are many places such as Crocodiles View, Himchari Park, Innani Beach, Hilly place etc. However, you do not need to come to Dhaka but get knowledge about these places. To write about my country, I need to encourage you by welcoming. However, I need your all support to make Bangladesh as best tourists place in Asia.

Thus, I am now welcoming you next World Cup 2011 to support our team. Bangladesh will be soon one of the best World Best Tourists Destination. However, it is hope for people but rest depends on our democratic government about their tactics and techniques. The things are not tough.

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