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Review : Some Famous Places in Bangladesh (Part – 2)

Districts: Laxmipur, Noakhali, Comilla, Bhahmanbaria, Madaripur, Sherpur, Jamalpur, Satkhira, Jamalpur, Satkhira, Bandarban,

Laxmipur is an important trade center and it is famous for coconut, betel nut etc.

Noakhali is well known for Bajra Mosque, Begamganj Rani Dighi, Bashi Khandakar Jam-E-Mosque and so on.

Bhahmanbaria is great place for tourists.

Comilla is near the Chittagong port city and it is famous for historical places, Khadi clothes, bamboo etc.

Madaripur is the renown for architect Fazlur Rahman, rice and jute cultivation.

Munshiganj is the district near Dhaka city. It is well-known and renowned for many things such as Lalbagh fort, Idragqur Fort, Shaheed Baba Adam Mosque etc.

Sherpur is the natural beauty district. It is best for rice trading, silica field, Nayani Zamidar Chariot, Panihata Dighi, Shah Kamal Mazar and so on.

Jamalpur is the district for recreation and hilly resort center. Jute is famous in this area. There is a big sugar mill and a fertilizer factory.

Satkhira is a natural beauty on south-west in Bangladesh. Here, some places are under Sundar Ban reserved place and it is the famous place for Royal Bengal Tiger Home.

Bandarban is a locative tourists place in Bangladesh. You will be truly amazed to see the natural beauty of green hills. It is perfect place for your honeymoon. There are many resort centers, hotels, motels at Bandarban District. Here, you will be overwhelmed many top hills. You may do trekking from one hill to the other hill.

Photo by Salahuddin Ahmed (Salvi.copyright@2011) Bandar Ban District.

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