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Review : Some Famous Places in Bangladesh (Part – 1)

Districts: Panchagarh, Dinajpur, Kurigram, Netrokona, Rajbari, Chadanga, Meherpur and Feni.

1. Panchagarh is famous for sugar mill, Maharajar Dighi, Banglabanda Border, Mirgarh and so on.

2. Dinajpur is the best tourist spots in Bangladesh and it famous for biggest coal mine, rice paddy fields, Hard Rock Mine, Ram Nagar Dighi and so on. The main tourist place is at Shapnapur(“Dream Land”).

3. Kurigram is wonderful district and famous jute, tasty rice and so on.

4. Bogra is truly an awesome place. The district is famous for curd which makes with their exotic formulas. There is a river called Karatoa.

5. Netrokona is famous for jute and fishery.

6. Rajbari is very attractive tourist district where you can see ancient Zamidar Bari, river port, rice field, Children Park and so on.

7. Chadanga is hot spots for both tourist and historical place. The district is famous for Shamnagar Zamidar Bari, Hazar Dooar Jam-E-Mosque, sugar mill etc.

8Meherpur is amazing place to see the sugarcane fields, paddy field etc.

9. Feni is situated between Chittagong and Dhaka city. It is important place for handloom fabrics, rice field, and jute.

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Swapnopuri amusement park

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