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Gulf Air is one of the best air operating from Bahrain to Dhaka. So, those who like to come to Dhaka from Europe, they can easily come to Dhaka by Gulf Air via transit from Bahrain. However, those who like to come to Dhaka from middle east they can come frequently by Gulf Air. They have excellent services in their fleets with full of entertainments.  The Gulf has frequent flyer promotion offers however you must be member to get this facilities. There are three types of member to enroll such as Silver, Gold and blue. To get enroll, you must visit their site and fill-up online forms. Their fleet consists of Airbus with in-flight entertainments and wider space luxurious seat. Some of their fleets have telephone system with seats. They have special meal facilities that helps to satisfy their passenger then other carriers.The Gulf Air has good reputation due to their on time service.

Low Fare, Good Service.

FromToFare From
BahrainDubaiBHD 56
BahrainAbu DhabiBHD 56
BahrainDohaBHD 52
BahrainKuwaitBHD 52
BahrainMumbaiBHD 116
BahrainBeirutBHD 129
BahrainLondon HeathrowBHD 184
BahrainChennaiBHD 131
BahrainKhartoumBHD 135
BahrainKathmanduBHD 190

*Some fare has show that is approximate in BHD and so, this price may change any time.

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