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Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazaar City Review 2010. //Part-1 Cox’s Bazaar City Review 2010. //Part-1 - Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazaar City Review 2010. //Part-1

Cox’s Bazaar City Tours….
          Cox’s Bazaar is one of the less population density and wide-open spacious in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazaar is the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It is famous for world longest natural beach and Coral Reef Island. You can take risk-Shaw to go around the city just less than $2 dollars.

          In the city, you can visit many places like Burmese shopping points, Hotel and Restaurant  area, Shuti Bazaar, weather centre, mosques and madrasas (teaching of Islam) , Buddha monastery (where monks live and practice worship) and more. There are many places to see that how Islam spread quickly in that region like some famous Islamic scholar burial ground.
        Cox’s Bazaar beach is already famous for its longest in the globe. Now, it is becoming tourists’ hub in South East Asia.

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Photo by salvi@2010-2011. No one has right to republish or copy this photo from this site. Other wise, I will take necessary action.

Although, I do not recommend the mass number of tourists to visit this place because of pollution however they should take knowledge from different sources and educate to their next generations. This is because the beach is on the sea-level and so, it may disappear within this century if we warm our earth faster than speed of the light.

I recommend you that local people are very friendly however they do not like to kill a single insects and turtles. So, do not throw any plastic made items, wine bottles or any thing which cannot be disposed naturally. The reason I recommend is that already many developed countries destroyed turtles and tortoise life due to lightning at night party.
Use Dust-Bin to throw any waste materials. Say, no concert, no party lighting. Save Tortoise and Turtles life.

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