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Bangladesh: Awesome tour from Cox's Bazaar to Ramu Town. Awesome tour from Cox's Bazaar to Ramu Town. - Bangladesh

Awesome tour from Cox's Bazaar to Ramu Town.

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Backpacking Tour 1: Cox’s Bazaar to Ramu

It was Saturday morning. I was heading to Ramu by a microbus with my parents. The sky was blue. There was no sign of raining. We have taken dry food and pet bottles of water into our bag. The reason is that, in the hilly reason it is hard to get water unless we could see any fountains. My driver was not only our driver but also a local guide who gave us lots of tips to get to know about the local area faster. My driver name was kamol who born in Cox’s Bazaar. He knows everything about the hilly regions.

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Our micro-driver was very expert to drive on the hills. We were watching the local home, farming lands etc. Suddenly, I had noticed that our vehicle was about nearly 90 km/hrs. I also saw many scenic villages on top of the hills. During our journey, I also recognized that the high-way was very curve between the hills but the road was as smooth as silk. This was why; we did not feel any jerking. It was really fantastic journey that I ever made in my country. While we reached a place called UKHIA, our vehicle was stranded due to traffic jam. Despite of jam, we were enjoying to see the local life in that region. I was quiet amused to hear that most of the local families are very rich as their family members are working in oil rich nations. The areas have very good internet speed. Suddenly, after dead lock over, we started our journey. As soon as our micro turned right, we were watching the high hills. I was feeling something different that is we were feeling pressure inwards as our vehicles goes up and down. It was really amazing to me that we were on top from the sea-level.
About Bangladesh, bangladesh tourism, Bangladeshi Knowledge, snap and shots, Sundarban, travel bangladesh

Therefore, I was watching beautiful mountains and hills from our vehicle. I was taking many photos to see that awesome green hills. I had traveled to Nepal several times. I have seen Everest and Himalaya many times. Do you know where these mountains start? Yes, it is Ramu at Cox’s Bazaar where hill started to grow higher and higher. We stopped our vehicle several places to see the panoramic view of green hills. Then, as we go more up, I have notice that we were at least several feet away from the sea-level. I have seen that local people usually move a special type of Jeep that is “Chadar Gari” – “Moon Touching Jeep”. Actually, local people think that it would be possible to touch the moon from this Jeep. Then, at last we reached in a small town. The town had shops, small homes, restaurants and more. I was feeling the local culture and their tradition. People were really helpful. I have recognized a small river but it was not deep like Padma or Jamuna. I ate some local made food. It was really delicious food. I feel enjoyment to see green hills from the restaurant. However, the town was very quiet like Nepal and no pollution like Dhaka city. I was breathing clean air. Then, further our vehicles were driven to Alikadam but we did not stay much longer. After this fantastic journey, we started to return back to Cox’s Bazaar city at evening. It was my great gallivant tour.

The area is truly covered by green trees. Obviously, there are many different types of insects, animals, birds and so on. I can say the area can be called as “Jungle Hilly Region”. It was truly great journey to me first time in Bangladesh. I will never forget this unbelievable journey that I ever made.

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Note: A real tour experienced that I ever made. Copy/Paste/Taking any information to add another site without permission from me will be taken as criminal act. Thus, I will take any necessary actions. GPS is tracing very unique visitors. 

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