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Bangladesh: Pohela Boishakh : 1417 / 14th april 2010. Pohela Boishakh : 1417 / 14th april 2010. - Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh : 1417 / 14th april 2010.


(Know bangla heritage and culture which is very rare anywhere)

Pohela Boishakh is the bangla new year. Fried Hilsha with rice soaking  is must to celebrate boishakhi as a tradition.People wear colorful clothes. Girls wear red-yellow sharee with red sandal.Boys wear panjabi with trouser. On that day, all restaurants become fulfill to eat soaking rice (Panta Bhat). Many hotel and restaurants offer discounts in all type of delicious food including ice-cream. People will enjoy on open fields with their family and friends. This will be obviously a memorable day to any one. The day is celebrated in USA and UK Bangla communities. You can get more discount to buy new year clothes.

So, enjoy Bangla New Year 1417 with celebration.

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