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Bangladesh: Special Edition101: Visiting To Gazipur Picnic Spots. Special Edition101: Visiting To Gazipur Picnic Spots. - Bangladesh

Special Edition101: Visiting To Gazipur Picnic Spots.

 photo by salvi@copyright2010.
It was winter day. I went to a picnic place at BOA in Gazipur, Bangladesh. I was happy to see the beautiful picnic spots. I was invited by friends. This time, I went there by car instead of picnic bus. The reason is that I like to explore something new things, through out my journey. It was my pleasure journey because I took many snapshots to different places and spots. During my journey, I used my mobile positioning system to know my current places and destination. However, I was logged in the traffic jam for more than one hour. During the traffic jam, I was watching a movie in the laptop. The name of the movie is “Harry Porter”. My car had been driven by an expert driver who kept my journey smooth. After, I had reached there; I started to look some beautiful places. I found a Golf field with ample spaces. I have seen a notice which has written by golf authority that the place is reserved for Picnic during holidays but other days for golf tournaments or practice. The whole place was not flat but up and down. The field was full of green grass. Suddenly, I look a cute baby girl was enjoy with his father by playing hand-ball. I met my friends in the picnic spot which was rented for a day. I played badminton with my colleagues. I have seen three picnic spots where each spot has good facilities like neat and clean wash rooms, kitchen, three storey building (rest room) with balcony, and so on. After my lunch, I started to explore the place. I have seen three bridges which cross over an artificial lake. The lake was neat and clean. So, I took a  paddle boat. Then, I felt enthusiasm when I was paddling a boat and passing three fountains. In the lake, I have seen artificial birds including swan. I have seen many trees and birds in that place. There were some shops where I have seen local made garments, toys and so on. I enjoy there a cup of coffee in a Coffee Shop at evening. At night, I return back from there to home.

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