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Bangladesh: Sea Beach Road or Kolatoli Junction Sea Beach Road or Kolatoli Junction - Bangladesh

Sea Beach Road or Kolatoli Junction

 Hotel ZOne
Royal Majestic view of the sea
Kolatoli Junction is the best place for tourists to get hotels in Cox’s Bazar. This is because there are many good quality hotels here and there such as Nitol Bay Resort, Uni Resort, and so on. Even, you can find good restaurants with Local, Bengali, Chinese and Indian dishes. From this road, you can see the panoramic view of the sea either hotels or restaurants. There is a luxury bus stop. You can take a rickshaw for city view. For this, you may charge less than $2.If you need any internet you can find the cyber café. From this junction you can go to motel road where you will find Motel Upal, Motal Probal and many other motels with good restaurants. Then, you can move tojhawtala and sea beach road. Sea Beach Road is very expensive one because you find from two stars to five stars hotels such as Seagull Hotel, Motel Labonee, Parassad Ocean Resort and so on. Seagull Hotel some especial packages such as Honeymoon Package 1,2 and 3. You can find buffet during lunch and dinner time. Hotel Sea Crown is the three star but it you can see the fascinating sun set from your bed room. The hotel is situated in the Kolatoli New Beach road. The food, in this hotel, is exotic. Hotel Sea Palace is also a good place for tourists. From this junction you can go to Marine Drive. Hopefully, you will enjoy!
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