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Dhaka International Trade Fair 2010

Dhaka International Trade Fair
Last Friday, I went to Dhaka International Trade Fair 2010. It is very good organized fair with more stalls than before. The fair has started from 1st January and will end 31st January. This is the 15th time that is held in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Agargon Dhaka. There are many local and foreign participants. In this fair, many stalls are offering different discounts with gifts. I was very glad to see Turkish and Malaysian stalls.

Thai Stalls.

However, there are many local base companies who export goods to abroad. Among local companies, Hatil, Otobi Furniture, Walton, Partex are offering different discounts. Partex Furniture offers 15% off. Hatil offers 25% off its furniture. Dekko Foods up to 25%. On the other hand, Walton offer scratch card which has confirmed gift for customers. Walton is the only Bangladeshi base local company that assembles motorcycles, freezes, TV, DVD and so on. Rangs Group offer Toshiba and Sony products with confirmed gift and discounts. They also assemble many products in Bangladesh. Transcom Electronics offers Philip products with gift offers. Monno and Mirpur Ceramics offer many ceramic items that export to abroad with new style and designs. There are many Bangladesh made garments such as Nupur Fabrics, Fit Elegance, FIRST WOMANS FASIONS, Gazi Textiles, Asian Textile Mills and so on. There also many local made plastic industries such as RFL platics. Thai Trade Center offers many items which are made in THAILAND. They offered many items such as dry food, home decorated items, and so on. Bangla Lion offers WIMAX experience and service.

Brani ( a type of spicy rice).

There are also many foreign stalls from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, USA, etc. Among them, Iran stalls offered many stone and wooden made items. China offers home decorated items. Pakistan stall offer garments made items. They are also offering many home decorated items and dry food. India offers aluminum made items. Australia and Malaysia offers food items. The fair is so big that it is difficult for me to explore the whole fair for me alone. There are ample car parking facilities for visitors. Foreigners are welcome in this fair. They must know everything before come to this trade-fair. You can get any information about the fair from your hotels. Almost all Taxis will take you in this Fair. After arriving, please look the map and get to know your position by the color of inflated balloon (red, blue and so on) near the gate. This will help you, when you return back to exit point. However, if you suddenly mistake the gate number, you can ask the locals about your prefer gate number to exit. The map will also help you to know your search items and the name of your prefer shops. This will help you to save more times. I recommend that all foreigners must carry a rain coat, an umbrella and a city guide map.


At night, you will be wondering to see the water dance with different color lights. There are many fountains inside the fair. You can also relax in the empty space like picnic. You can spend whole day from morning to night with lunch and dinner. There are many restaurants with Bangladeshi, Indian, Thai and Indian Cuisines. You can get test the Birani Houses at lunch time. Hazi Birani is the best house for birani (a type of spicy rice with traditional style). This is how, you can enjoy the fair.

Photo by SALVI@COPYRIGHT 2010.

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