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Holidays in Sundarban Forest...


Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world announced by UNESCO. The forest is covered about 6000 sq. km. It is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger home. Approximately 500 tigers and 30,000 deer are present there according to various sources. In winter, many birds from cold countries migrate here. There are approximately 270 species of  birds, 42 type of mammals, 35 type of reptiles and eight different type of amphibian.Honey collectors bring honey from the deep forests. The only way to travel through the forests is boats.The forest is full of flora such as sundari trees.There are many fauna that includes snakes, crocodiles, turtle, buffalo, python,monkey,lizard rhinoceros and so on.There are more than 300 type of plants and 230 genera in the forest. Still, I think many thing is undiscovered.

You can visit the forests by direct ferry (lanch/ tiny ship/paddle steamer) or by airlines and then boats.
It is compulsory to take permission from the forest authority before entering as they will give you forest guards for safety. Watercraft will be best for smooth journey through the forest.

I will be encourage you for river journey by paddle steamer/mini-cruise that can be arrange by hotel authority.

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