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Discover Peak Hills In Bangladesh....

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Title: Hilly Region. Photo by salvi@copyright reserved 2009.

Peak Hills in Bangladesh
Trekking is very popular for tourists. However, if the trekking hills is situated close to the world continuous beach city then it it will be tourists amazing unforgettable tour in their life.

There are many hilly regions in Bangledesh. Among them Keokradong, Tazing Dong, Mowdok Mual , Saka Haphlong, Rang Tlang are very popular for their highest peak in this country. Most of the hills are situated in Bandar-ban district.

The actual height of the peaks is unknown. However, it has been noted that Keokradong is about 3172 feet (approx.), Tazing Dong (commonly called Bijoy) is about 1,280 metres (approx.), Mowdok Mual (commonly called Saka Haphong or Clan Moy) is about 1,064 meters was recorded on this summit by English adventurer Ginge Fullen, Saka Haphlong is between 3,488 and 3,461 feet and Rang Tlang is approximately about 3200+ feet.

Here, most of the hills are covered by green trees. You will be also wonder to see that clouds are not far away from you position. That is why, there is a popular vehicle name called "chad gari", a open style local body. However, you will able to reach these top peaks by hiking and walking only. The pollution is very less compare to other places. The best seasons for trekking are Summer and Spring. You must report to hotels before you start trekking due to safety as the hills are covered by deep forests.

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