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Bangladesh: Dhaka- Sky-scrapers: Part-1. Dhaka- Sky-scrapers: Part-1. - Bangladesh

Dhaka- Sky-scrapers: Part-1.

Figure: Sky-scrapers!
Photo by salvi@copyrights reserved.
Dhaka is one of the world busiest cities. Its population is very high compare to any other city. As days pass, high rise buildings are increasing like bees. It looks very attractive to the city sky-scrapers. More than 1 million people live here. Still, you will see many historical places in old and new cities. In old city, you will find thousands of years back mosques, buildings, castle, parks, museums, heritages sites, archaeological palace, and so on. Old style food is very popular because this food is prepared with the same menu from the mogul time. Obviously, there are many fast foods, Deshi food (Bangladeshi cuisine), local and home made food available in whole city. There are also many posh and luxury restaurants such ad Chinese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, American, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani and so on. Opus! I have just forgotten about Chain restaurants and Bakeries such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Kings, and so on. In addition, there are many pool clubs, tennis courts, and other entertainment facilities. There are different types of transport facilities such as Rickshaw, Taxi, Rent-a-car, shuttle buses. So, enjoy your city tour.It is very enjoyable to take a long drive that will give you more entertainments.

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