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Stormy months

Boishakhi is one of the stormy months in Bangladesh. However, we still feel special from other months because when storm began we enjoy collecting mangoes that fell from the mango trees. The whole month is stormy or flow of hot air. Thus, we usually become thirsty hence we drink plenty of coconut water. There are also different types of watery fruit such as water-melon, foot, and so on. As storm began, we feel enjoyment. Just few days back, we enjoy first day of the bangle new year that is Boishakhi. On that day, people usually go to amusement and entertainment places. They eat lots of Bangladeshi cuisine like hilsha with rice, pithas (a sweet cake), and sweets and so on. There would be many different types of colorful shop which run by mostly artist, school students or road-side seller man. This is not an end, there is also stage programmed in different place from sunrise to sunset. So, what else do you think to enjoy in these days?
Figure: 1.Seasonal fruits - A Mango.2.Coconuts

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