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Bangladesh: Cox's Bazaar beach/Himchari/Marine Drive Cox's Bazaar beach/Himchari/Marine Drive - Bangladesh

Cox's Bazaar beach/Himchari/Marine Drive

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Cox's Bazaar beach/Himchari/Marine Drive
Cox's Bazaar Beach is the only the shinny and golden glittering longest beach in the world. More than thousands of sea-creature have home in this sea. The sand is very soft. It will be pleasure to walk bare foot on sand as it will keep you whole body in cool and relaxation mind. There are many beach buggy that are designed to drive on areas covered in sand. These beach buggy are colorful and have different style with large wheels. These buggy have both motor cycle and racing car styles. Most of the buggy have two to four seats. Here, you can play beach ball with your friends or family. Beach Volley ball and cricket are very attractive now a days due to ample space. You can explore the beach by horse riding which will cost less than one dollar. You can buy sea-made jewelery items that will attract your body.Beach bazaar is only few km away from the beach. You can make sandy sculpture and can fly the kites. This will truly enthusiastic to you soul. It is very interesting to see the people become beach combes or beach bun. You will see many birds including the most popular sea-gull in and around the beach. How to detect the sea gull. It has short legs, long wings and white and Grey feathers. Your children will be excited to see the flock of sea-gulls. There is also a five star hotel that has name "Sea Gull Hotel". Beach fast food shop is popular now a days with more special sea-food items.

Himchari is the hilly regions that is connected with the marine drive that stretches up to Innani Beach. The area is covered by mountains. It takes 20mins to go up the top of the mountain by hiking. You will be impressed to see the beach at sun-set.

Beach resorts are very common in and around the city. Driving on marine drive will remind your whole life. This is because you will see the high hills and fountains on the left and beach on your right side while driving from city to Himchari. This will increase you curiosity towards beach more dipper. You will not feel weary while traveling.

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