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Beach Protection Fact. No pollution. Feel Natural.


Q. What not to do in this beach to keep it natural ?
Ans: Cox's Bazaar beach has its own personality, unique and distinctive.Its city is no exceptions.It is must to keep beach natural.Applicable for all beaches in the country.
Below are some list that are prohibited in and around the beach cities:
  • Please do not pick or kill any sea-creatures, insects, animal etc.
  • It is compulsory not to walk on the dunes because you may be drowning into the loose soil where it would not possible to rescue you.
  • No grill or open fire.
  • Alcoholic beverages or glass bottles are not permitted on the beach.
  • Soft Drinks Bottles, Tetra Pack, Polythene Bags, and other artificial natural non-destroyed items are fully prohibited to keep the beach natural ecosystem.
  • No concert or night party allow thus it will harm endanger species.
  • Turn off lights at night that shine on beach. This will protect endangered Sea Turtles and its nest and hatching undisturbed.
  • Vehicles must park outside the beach parking place. This will help to reduce pollution.
  • Local people are also strict not to harm the natural beah ecosystem.
  • No smoking!
  • Try to keep beach as clean as possible.

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