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Every year Bangladesh offer many trade fair either to export or import product. However, international trade fair is off course for export and import. Thus, many companies from different countries with locals join this fair to show their products. So, the fair is not only valuable for showing items but also trade between any countries.

‘Enjoy the ultimate place to relax from the busiest city with your family ' Just few days back, Dhaka International Trade Fair 2009 has begun. This is 14th DIFT fair in Dhaka. Obviously, this fair has improved a lot than before. It is the perfect time because the weather is fine. Although, it is the winter time here but not too cold like other European countries. Many people usually come here from evening with their family or friends. There are more than hundred companies’ stalls from local and abroad. Some big companies have big stalls with wider space and more decorated lights. There is an also live programmed in different satellite channels to show the ongoing fair. In the mean time, there is also a customer service for any problem; this will ensure you better service. This means if any one misses this fair to see in real, no wonder, you can see live from anywhere in the world through some of our country satellite channels. There is also radio programmed for radio listener. The fair has ample car parking space with good road connections. Anyone can easily get Taxi or buses. If you are a foreigner, it is advice able to take help from the hotel for rent-a-car. However with no doubt that you will enjoy the fair whole day. The countries which are participating such as UK, USA, China, Germany, France, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Japan and so on. These abroad companies show their product such as Marble items, wooden items, Biscuits, Chocolates, Curry, Aluminum items, Electronic items, cosmetics, vehicles, and so on. Chinese stall is famous for home decorated items . Electronics is famous in Japanese company stalls. Cosmetics, Packet Juice, are famous in Thailand and Malaysian stalls. Ladies and Gents clothes are famous in Pakistan, Iran and Indian stalls. You will also notice that many companies display motor items such as small cars, buses, pick-up, motor-cycle, auto-vehicles and so on. These vehicles are imported from China, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, India, and so on. Hyundai and Great Wall are popular vehicles in the fair.Some mobile companies are also selling thier new products.Some mobile ATM booth is in the fair.
At last, I have also notice in some of middle-east countries’ stall which is famous for wooden items, marble items, cooking oil, etc. This is not an end.
There are many stalls where local products are displayed for sell. The products are mostly exported to many parts in the world such as battery including hybrid, cookies, packet juice, packet chocolates, chips, spicy food, plastic goods, packets of milk with different flavor including chocolate, clothes, medicine, leather items, variety of curries, chocolates, cosmetics, show-pieces, electronics item, and so on. You will see people are purchasing goods like bees. I personally encourage you to buy local products as these are internationally exported. If you are a businessman, then it would be perfect visit for you. Pieces of local brand clothes are widely popular to locals and international markets. From my view, you will get much cheaper price to buy local products in the trade fair.Some stalls offer attractive gift items with every purchase.

You will be amused to see the fair at night. There are enough lights around the fair. This is because the fair looks full of entertainment place visiting more than thousands of people. There are some entertainment shows such as artificial fountains that dance with music and lights. The entire fair is nicely decorated with all colors of flowers and bright lit lights. Obviously, you will enjoy many restaurants with different items. Furthermore, you will get to eat local and international delicious food such as burger, fuchka, faluda( a type of yiu, and so on. The seats are arranged for both inside and outside the restaurants. The food is delicious, thus water comes through out the mouth with no reason. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is jubilant. Besides, the restaurants service is excellent. Hazi Birani and Star Kabab are two popular restaurants in the fair because of their old style famous cooking . Pop-corns are available anywhere in the fair. There is another sweet that is ‘airy sweet’ in different colors are available. Kids are fond of it. Yeah, roasted nut is common in any place. It gives good mouth to chew and swallow the nuts in this winter time. Ice-cream or any hot drinks are available in most places. This helps to give energy and allow us to cover the whole fair with full of enthusiasm. Security system is very modern compare to South East Asia with no doubt. Rest rooms are also available with separated for both gender. If you are a Muslim, then your praying room is also available for both genders. It is not an end from my view, as the description for fair is endless.
DATE: Exists up to end of January 2009.
TIME: 10:00 AM - 10:00P.M.Venue: near China-Bangladesh conference center.

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