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Bangladesh: Winter Tour - encouraging in a new destination. Winter Tour - encouraging in a new destination. - Bangladesh

Winter Tour - encouraging in a new destination.

This is a perfect time to visit in this green country. In this winter, you will find the fresh juice from the tree of dates that tastes exotic. The taste of juice is very sweet and natural fragrance. Yea! this cannot be find in the city but available in the villages. If you are from any cold country absolutely you will not face too cold here as temperature never ever below 5-3'c in anywhere in the country. You can view birds just few distance away from the city, which come from too cold country at this time. Winter clothes are very cheap in this country.Here are many shopping malls, centers or footpaths where clothes are much cheaper than any country in Asia (if you like to compare). Fishing is another enjoyable to you as water level is much lower so no one can mistake to catch a single fish.The city is now in cold mood so you will hardly face any pollution.There are many coffee and tea shops in and around the city.Don't forget to visit to Cox's Bazaar.

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