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Visited to Southern Side

Photo by salvi.(clockwise:1. Ferry Sundar Ban 2. 4 level floor- ferry Kalam Khan (largest)).

Just few days back, I went to Barisal ( a district in this country). It is my recent memorable journey to me. Thousands of people are moving to that region by ferry (lonch-a type of vessel that runs on wide river).It was my pleasure to me that I did not face any problem. Most of the ferries are much bigger than before. There are lots of facilities in this ferry such as bakery, laundry, saloon, fruit and food shops. Many ferry can carry up to 8,000 people. The rooms are well decorated. There are different types of room such as chair system,flooring style,room/cabin : single, double, VIP and especial type. Obviously, rooms' facilities are varied from one ferry to other ferry.It is not cruise but it is different. It takes 12/8 hrs journey from Barisal to Dhaka or vice-versa.The ferries usually start from evening. These ferries cross many rivers- Padma, Meghna. So, personal life vest is must.
It is not end. This is the most southern side in Bangladesh. The whole district is divided by canals or rivers. Barisal is only place where famous person can be seen in Bangladesh.It is the faster growing district in Bangladesh. Some of the famous person are physicist,poet, actors or actress,historian and so on (for more info. Click Here). These famous person is well known in this world. I have seen some cement, medic, fish packaging/processing industries.Here,the river port is the largest in Bangladesh. Kirtankhola River is situated in the heart of Barisal with the Bangladeshi Inland Water Transport Authority's head office. No doubt, Hilsha fish is famous in this river.In the river, there are many fishing trawlers, cargo vechiles and different types of boat. Coconut trees are widely seen in the district as sea is much closer. Water is not much salty like sea. Yeah! There is another beach at the end of this district that is "Kuakata" where we can watch the beautiful unique crimson beach during the sunrise and sunset. It is the most picturesque beach in the country surrounded by low-lying wet land.

Photo by salvi.((Clockwise : 1.Ferry Inner design. 2. Ferry side 3. Next luxury Ferry with yellow light. 4. An old home. 5.Old Tress. 5. Luxury inner cabin design.)

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