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Bangladesh: Parks in Bangladesh ! alas! ops! missing asia! Parks in Bangladesh ! alas! ops! missing asia! - Bangladesh

Parks in Bangladesh ! alas! ops! missing asia!

It was a Thursday. I had visited two parks in Bangladesh.One is Nandan which is situated on Nabinager-Chandra Highway and other is Fantasy Kingdom that is situated on Dhaka-Ashulia Highway.It took 40 mins from central heart of the city to Fantasy Kingdom and additional 30 mins to Nandan Water and Dry Park. The highway is in excellent condition.Although there are other two well known park in the central city such as Wonder Land and Shishu Park (oldest).
The road was very smooth. Both side of the road were very beautiful. It looks very nice to watch.There are many shuttle buses from city to these parks.

Photo by salvi.Figure: Front Gate.
Fantasy Kingdom
Every one knows about the magical Fantasy Kingdom.
Their park is situated in Chittagong and Dhaka. This includes theme park, Water Park, Heritage Park, Motel Atlantis in one roof at Fantasy Kingdom in Dhaka.
Whereas in Chittagong, there is Foy's Lay Lake Amusement World including Sea World Foy's Lay Lake, Foy's Lay Lake Resort and a Revolving Restaurant.
It is truly fun and excitement Fantasy kingdom Park in the busiest city.There are many facilities such as good restaurants, ample car park,and varieties of riding.The gates are well decorated with fountains, coloring pillars, gardens, and dazzling lights at night. There are many rides including Train Ride, Mini Flight, Pony Adventure, Bumper Car, Happy Kangaroo, Battery Car, Family Roller Coaster, Bumper Boats, Video games, Sun and moon,Baby carousel,Santa maria, High way, and so on for the whole family entertainment. It would be really exciting time passing days for you.
At heritage park, there are many major duplicate monuments and heritage buildings in one roof such as Lal bag Fort, 60 dome mosque, small village, and so on.
Place at Motel Atlantis:
Woh! if you like to escape from city and like truly soundless sleep then it is ideal place your for refreshments. However, you will get all facilities like more than standard hotels.
Water Kingdom:
If you like to wet yourself with having no cold then it is perfect for water relaxation. The rides include water slides, wave pool, lazy river.
However, there are some gift shops for visitors.

Fantasy Kingdom: (clockwise) 60 Dome Mosque, Gift Shops, Scenery- spider shape.
Photo by salvi.

Photo by salvi.


It is the latest park in Bangladesh. This park is very spacious with a lake and garden. There are many rides such as moon raker, tilt-a-whirl, caterpillar, water coaster, ice land paddle boat, zip slide, rock climbing, rippling, soft ball cannon, bumper car, merry go round etc. At Water Zone, the rides are Wave Pool, Dome Slide, Water Fun Plaza, Tube Slide, Wave runner Family Slide, Water Fun, and so on. There are some separate rides and pools for both men and women for safety reason.Life jacket is recommended. Seperated bathrooms and clothes changing rooms with modernl facilities. Boat riding on the lake give refreshments. Opps! Cable car over the lake and the park is very pleasant to see. Riding cable car is an memorable journey to any one. There are many restaurants to eat lunch and dinner.

Photo by salvi. Nandan Park(clockwise): Water fun, cable cars, lake.

Other Parks:

Wonder-land Park:

It is situated in the central city. This park has enough facilities. There are also different types of rides.

Shishu Park:

It is the oldest park in Bangladesh. This park is great for children. There are different types of ride. The park is situated in the central city. So it is easy to go there.

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NOTE: Bangladesh dress code-
For Men: Tee shirts, 4th/3rd quater trouser, jeans, and all type winter clothes are allowed.
For Women:
Shalwar Kameez, well-fitted shirts, jeans, trouser, local clothes, sharee all type winter clothes are allowed
For Children: Any. But care should be taken in winter cold time.
Restriction on summer clothes (both gender) : short swimsuits, very thin clothes are not allowed.
Swimwear: fully body covered swimsuits are must. life jacket is must.
Do not wear heavy or tight or very shorts clothes. Lose clothes are better in any temperature condition.

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