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Tourists Xclusive Days

Yeah! Ramadan is approaching in Bangladesh. This means tourists are mostly welcome to this lighting city. This time especial food is available which can enjoy in every restaurants and old city shops.In the old city, there are many food shops where any one find old style cooking and baking on using black charcoal.There are some known food store where you can find bakorkhani, polau ( mixed rice with especial spices), Grill Style chicken, shorbot (more than 5 different style of fruit juice with spices) and so on.During iftar, the whole road become empty which remind old time city.Any one can enjoy shopping as new collection of items are available with attractive prices. After Eid Celebration, you can enjoy easy driving and so you can go to tourists places. It will definitely impressed you that how come a full load of population city can be vacant. No doubt you can enjoy other dishes during iftar.

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