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Festival time.....celebrating.............

This is now Ramadan month in Bangladesh. So, it is a festival month in one sense for tourists. This is because tourist can able to test different type of exotic food items that only can be found in this holy month. Delicious food items are kebabs - shik, jali, doi, suti, etc; piaju (made from dal), fried chicken with especial curry, mutton dry, beef roasts, vegetable shingara, polao (a curry style rice), chap , cutlets, beef-chicken-mutton halim and jilapi (a sweet style item), puri with doi, muri with chicken,Tehari, Doi Bora, misti and infinite items.There are different type of refreshment drinks such as lutchi, milk shake, fruit juice, and many more. In fast food there are many discount items. For example, in pizaa hut for one hour iftar, you can eat pizza as much as you can at only 375 Tk.
The whole city is now in colorful mood. Many shopping mall is decorated with lights. Everyone is holding atleast one shopping bag to celebrate eid with new fashionable clothes. This time the shop has attractive items. It would be great to see that thousands of people are buying their own clothes without thinking anything. There are many fashionable salwar kamiz, sharee, tops, panjabi, Dividers, frock, lahenga, suits, jeans, shirts, leather shoes, belts and so on from TK 100/50 to more than 1 lacs price. Obviously, you will find home decorated items. These are made in Bangladesh. Most are internationally standard cheaper price in here.

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