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Dhaka Zoo- an animal city.



It is the most amazing zoo in the city. Every year more than hundreds of people visited this zoo. It takes half an hour from city by tourist bus or private vehicles. Near Dhaka zoo, there is a botanical garden which impressed to all visitors. There is a ticket counter for entry pass. Now let me say about inside zoo. First upon, most of the wild animals are kept in well protected wire-net. So, this will give you relaxation to see the wild animal. Still except inside the net, there is no count that how much birds can be seen there because most of the birds come from Mongolia, Siberia, and North Pole during our winter time. And some of these birds remain after winter over. Now, in the zoo there is domestic animal such as cow, goat, buffalo, and so on. Again, there are wild/jungle animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, Kangaroo, wild beast, golden deer, giraffe, zebra, ox, and so on. These animals will give you best entertainment.

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