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Bangladesh: Barisal - the Hilsha fish city. Barisal - the Hilsha fish city. - Bangladesh

Barisal - the Hilsha fish city.


The district Barisal is situated on many broken land. This district is famous for Hilsha Fish. The district is surrounded by Padma River, Meghna River, Bay Of Bengal and Khulna District. The fishermen bring tasty Hilsha from those two rivers. The Hilsha fish from these two rivers have different taste. This fish is exported to many countries after meet local market demand. Here, there are many archarological buildings, places and so on. Even, there is a great history about many well-known people. The district is connected by Plane, Ferry, Bus and other water vehicles - speed boat. It eakes one night to reach there by ferry.
Yahoo! Journey by ferry is a memoriable for every visitor. One attractive is that there are various type of ferry - chair system, cabin- ac/ non-ac, and sleeping floor. The whole district is seperated by cannals, rivers and lakes. There are some hotels and restaurants. Kuakata sea-beach is the attractive beach where sun-rise and sun-set can be seen from the same place.

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