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Rajshahi - rice city



- rice city. This district is connected with this(above figure) bridge.

Rajshahi is very popular for paddy fields. Most of the people depend on rice production. Fruits are also supplied from there soil. Vegetable are much suitable places to grow. Cow and goats are very important in that district for milk and leather goods. "Tilar khaz"a is one type of Rajshahi sweet, which is much popular among the people. Most of the sweets made from pure ghee and milk. There are many fruit trees in this district such as Mangoes, Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Water-melon, Litchi, Strawberry, sugar canes and many attractive fruits.

Bangabandhu Bridge (Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge) is the world 11th longest bridge. It connects Bangladesh from Norther side to the heart of the city. Yeah! it is still longest Bridge in south-Asia. Thousands of tourist are coming here to visit the bridge and Jamuna resort. It would be great to sea the largest delta connected with three rivers. Here fishes are very popular.This bridge helps Bangladesh to decrease the distance and time.

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