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Bangladesh: Cox's Bazar - the longest sea beach Cox's Bazar - the longest sea beach - Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar - the longest sea beach

(from left to right) 1.Teknaf 2.Beach 3.snails 4/5/6/7. Beach with sunset, boats, etc.

Cox's Bazaar Sea-Beach with undiscovered items, snails, fishes and more..!

Description: It is world natural and unbroken longest sea beach. This is one of the shark free beach in the world. However, its deep sea is still undiscovered. Only, few fisher men are bringing different type of snails, fishes, and other sea creatures. "Discover the exotic items from the world's longest beach" by "".

Reality: It was a morning. My exam was over before 18hrs. My dream was to visit to this longest beach. It was a pink color comfortable AC bus. I was seating in the front row. I was watching the whole city and other places through the window glass.After 6 hrs, I saw small hills. This was my first ever to see the hills in Bangladesh. The bus entered a good restaurant for food. Within 25 minis, all passengers returned to the bus. As the bus approached to the beach city, bumping started repeatedly due to hills. As soon as the bus entered the beach I heard the roared sound of winds. However, the bus stopped to the station. Then I went to the hotel for rest. At night, I took the dinner in the hotel where I ate fresh sea fishes, green vegetables and so on.

DAY 1:
At early in the morning, I saw my dream sea first time. It was pristine beauty. The sky was blue. So, the beach water was blue. The sand was glowing like gold as light fell on it. The fisher men were busy for fishing. Hundreds of tourist were enjoying the beach. These all I had seen from the hotel's room window. Still, I was waiting for lively. Then I went towards beach by walking. I hear the pure windy sound. This I recorded in my mobile. I took rent a flat sea-bed for less than a dollar about 2-4 hrs. I went for bathing. I went into the water up to my knee. As we know that sea water is stronger than us. I was wetting slowly. Beside, I was watching that many people were playing with their beach-ball. I was amazed to see how small children were playing in water with their parents. I think this give family good holiday relations. Even I saw some young students without parents were enjoying. No doubt sea guards are regularly monitor the level of sea water. If dangerous then they show red flag. Otherwise yellow or green flag. I have seen that many people were enjoying with boats. "Warning. Life vest is must to save life" told by beach security.

to be continue...

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